Grey’s Anatomy Season Twelve - 2016 - Review

Grey’s Anatomy Season Twelve

Grey’s Anatomy Season Twelve - 2016 - Review

Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy premiered in September 2015 and ended in May 2016 and consisted of 24 episodes, as per usual. Following a heartbreaking moment in Grey’s Anatomy, and Derek’s untimely death, season 12 sees the cast trying to cope with his death. This season begins three months after the events of last season when Richard and Catherine got married and April goes to Jordan after they have lost their child, Samuel. 

Although Meredith did not lash out as the audience expected her to follow Derek’s death, we see her being completely hostile towards Penny Blake, one of the doctors who operated on Derek in his final moments. Things begin to get awkward in the workplace as Meredith does not treat her well, yet over time Meredith decides to take her on and she and Amelia decide to teach her more skills so as to not let what happened with Derek be repeated.

This was a completely mature move from Meredith and was written and directed well as we realize that Meredith has truly grown up since the earlier seasons. 

Penny wins the Preminger Grant, and she and Callie decide to move to New York which causes a lot of complications between her and Arizona, to which they both hire a lawyer in order to gain custody of their daughter. Arizona wins and takes custody but decides to allow her daughter to go with Callie to New York anyways; another character that we see has matured after the numerous issues she had with Callie in earlier seasons.

One issue that arises after Nathan Riggs, played by Martin Henderson, showing up is the tension between him and Owen Hunt. Nathan was engaged to Owen’s sister, who up until this season is known to have died in Iraq when they were all serving there.

Owen blames Nathan for her disappearance, and Meredith takes Owen’s side, until romance sparks between them and he kisses her by the end of the season. While there were romantic sparks between them, however, Maggie, Meredith’s half-sister also had a thing for Nathan, but instead of Meredith confronting Maggie of their status, she decides to try and keep things on the down-low with Nathan. This again showed Meredith’s immature side which gets the audience confused towards her actions. 

One of the shocking moments were from April Kepner as she comes back, truly transformed, and is pregnant with Jackson Avery’s child. The true shock comes in the finale when she needs to have a c-section performed on her, without any anesthesia, in Ben and Bailey’s home. In general, this was an okay season at best, nothing extremely out of the ordinary or remarkable storylines.

At best the cast performed okay as well, with the cast that shined above the rest being Sarah Drew, who plays April Kepner. This season gets an overall rating of 7/10.

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