Grey’s Anatomy Season Thirteen - 2017 - Review

Grey’s Anatomy Season Thirteen

Grey’s Anatomy Season Thirteen - 2017 - Review

Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy premiered in September 2016 and ended in May 2017 and as usual, had 24 episodes. Last season ended with Owen and Amelia’s wedding and an awkward moment between Nathan Riggs, Maggie Pierson, and Meredith Grey where Maggie likes Nathan and thinks that he likes her, but he is actually into Meredith and she decides not to tell Maggie that they are kind of seeing each other. This is definitely not a strong enough cliffhanger like previous seasons’ and was arguable, a little dull. 

This season starts off with Meredith being open to love again with Nathan Riggs, played by Martin Henderson. Some argue that it was quite too soon for Meredith after Derek, but it was actually written in a way that showed that she was not 100% okay with this and that she felt quite guilty for liking someone else.

After all, it’s been a few years. What is lacking, however, is really a character from Henderson. His portrayal of Riggs falls short every time, and his acting is a little robotic. Coupled with Pompeo’s acting, some of their scenes feel unenthusiastic at best. 

One of the biggest challenges this season revolved around was Alex beating up Andrew DeLuca, an intern at Grey Sloan Memorial, who Alex thought was in a compromising position with his girlfriend, Jo Wilson. He beats up Andrew so severely that charges are pressed and eventually Alex gets fired.

This seemed like an extreme stretch since Alex has really matured over the years, and there was nothing actually going on between Andrew and Jo. This storyline was extremely out of context and it did not seem very well thought out.

Other storylines that were not that interesting either were the arrival of Eliza Minnick, as a consultant who showed up to basically take over Richard Webber’s job. Some complications occur there, but they get resolved near the end of the season. 

Two performances that really stood out were from Dr. Maggie Pierce, played by Kelly McCreary, and intern Stephanie Edwards, played by Jerrika Hinton. The first of which performed really well as she found out her mother had breast cancer, and afterward when she dies. The latter performed really well and became a fan favorite right before she left the show for good.

In the episode “Ring of Fire”, there was a rapist on the loose who was looking for a little girl, and Stephanie was stuck in the middle trying to rescue her. By the end, all goes relatively well, and Stephanie decides to move on from surgery and look for a path she is more interested in. Although Hinton’s performance was memorable, her character leaving falls completely out of the narrative that she suffered as a child and really wanted above anything else to become a doctor. 

Generally, this season fell short in terms of overall performance and storylines especially as some parts were confusing for the fans who had been watching Grey’s Anatomy from the very start. The cinematography was good but nothing spectacular either. This season gets a rating of 6.5/10.

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