Grey’s Anatomy Season Four (2008) - Review

Grey’s Anatomy Season Four (2008)

Grey’s Anatomy Season Four (2008) - Review

Ending on a brilliant portrayal by Sandra Oh of a hurt Cristina Yang who had just been left at the altar, season three was nothing short of overwhelming. Season four, however, is less overwhelming than season three, with more OR scenes, and a little less drama. 

A new cast member that was introduced in season three, is Chyler Leigh, who plays Lexie Grey, Meredith’s half-sister. Even though there were numerous arguments between them in the previous season, this season shows them making up and Meredith putting Lexie in her “circle”.

Lexie starts to fall for George, who is currently with Izzie, failed his intern exam and decides to repeat the year. Leigh’s portrayal of an intelligent doctor who is also a bit quirky is done excellently, and she soon becomes an audience favorite. 

With the usual on-again-off-again relationship with Meredith and Derek, some issues between them are stretched that it starts to become boring and repetitive. They break up again, he dates, but by the finale, Meredith makes a great big romantic gesture by creating a plan of the house Derek had built, but with candles.

Again, similar to previous trajectories her character had taken, this seems to a one in a million vulnerable moment that the audience do not get to see very often. However, it seems as though there are only a few things that Meredith and Cristina are willing to be emotional over and vulnerable with, and those are their love interests.

More cases of infidelity are highlighted this season as well given that George O’Malley had cheated on his wife Callie Torres, with Izzie Stevens. However, by the end of this season, George kisses Lexie, and it becomes officially over for him and Izzie. Callie, we discover turns out to be bisexual, as she meets new head of cardio, Erica Hann.

This was completely out of the blue as no mention to Callie being bisexual had ever been brought up before. Although it is an interesting twist, it was portrayed as a last-minute change and not that well thought out. By this season, many facets of the characters are expected to be known that it becomes quite a shock when they do things out of the ordinary or have a sudden change of heart. 

Overall, this season saw major changes in numerous characters. They were quite sudden and out of character, especially that it is only the fourth season and things are already moving quite fast.

The relationships that George keeps going in and out of, Izzie’s sudden change of heart, and Meredith’s grand romantic gestures, all seem a little bit off and none of them were up to the standards of seasons two and three. This season gets a rating of 7/10.

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