Iron Man - Movie Review

Iron Man

Iron Man - Movie Review

Marvel’s introduction to their cinematic universe, Ironman, is one of the most exciting and successful films they've made to date. The story of how Tony Stark became Ironman left millions with the dream of having someone like him to look up to.

He’s a superhero role model with no superpowers but genius and fortune and the great Tony Stark playing one of the most bad-ass good-guy characters in the history of superheroes. He’s funny, he’s charismatic, he’s a womanizer and he has been a powerful man since the day he was born.

Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., has inherited his father’s company, wealth and brains being the CEO of one of the biggest weapon manufacturing companies that provides advanced weapons systems to the U.S Military and Airforce.

He’s a womanizer, he’s a drunk but he is a phenomenon riding in an Army vehicle in Afghanistan only to be hit by one of his own bombs.

A bomb so powerful that even if you survive it, you will not have a lot of time left until it kills you and he wakes up to find himself kidnapped by underground terrorists that force him to build them a bomb that he has been talking about making for the U.S military. They seek power and he’s a man that can help them acquire it forcefully.

What would a man like Tony Stark do? He’s locked down with a man that claims to be a doctor and tries to give him the motivation to do something about it not to give up so Tony decides to build an electric tool to fix his lungs and heart from the side effects of his own evil weapon.

And instead of the rocket, he builds, Ironman, a suit with bombs, guns and laser weapons that even flies. He uses this new suit to escape and defeat the terrorists that had kidnapped him.

As well as trying to limit the corruption involving arms dealing happening all over the world with the decision to stop making weapons and support World Peace, a word he used to make fun of knowing that if peace is achieved, he’d be out of business.

But, as usual, people fight that decision, tell him to get help getting over the traumatic experience because he’s not thinking straight and so he fights, even more, trying to prove that he’s right and facing the realities of life and the people around him. Thinking he only has a short period of time before he dies, Tony Stark gives the Ironman and peace project his everything.

It’s a really entertaining film, it will not fail to keep grab your attention from the minute it starts until it ends. It’s a really cool superhero story too.

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