Iron Man 2 - Review

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 - Review

Superhero movies require little talent. They mainly encompass a pretty face, a fit body, and a whole lot of action-packed sequences that require minimal acting.

However, with movies like The Dark Knight and Iron Man redefining the genre, production companies are looking to increase the artistic values of their superhero movies. That being said, Marvel’s second installment of Iron Man wasn’t as critically superior as their first installment.

It wasn’t Jon Favreau’s nor Robert Downey Jr., fault. The story itself wasn’t as eloquently depicted as the origin story. The script is jammed with incoherent plot lines, but that is a given in all Marvel movies. Notably, Jon wanted to wait another year before starting filming, in order to perfect the script, but Marvel insisted on starting, anyway.

The story starts with Stark achieving world peace and running Stark Expo. And as the movie dwells on how Tony has won over capitalism, it takes a step back and unravels this movie’s antagonist.

The story behind the feud he has with Tony dates back to the cold war when Stark Industries was funding and developing weapons for wars. The plot kind of cheapens the whole backstory of the villain, which ends up dampening the intensity of the emotions beautifully depicted by Mickey Rourke.

 The visual effects and the broad frames of action are done quite well.   The appearance and success of Downey as a dramatic and extremely complex superhero is almost entirely the foundation that the film has a certain differentiation and a sense of scope.

While it is true that there might be some plot holes within the story, Iron Man 2 is a good sequel to the first movie. It played on the same strings as Iron Man 1, humor, eccentrics and extremely elaborate CGI work. In the end, this movie might not be incremental in the Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline, but it definitely warrants an enjoyable viewing.

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