The Office - Season 2 - Review

The Office - Season 2

The Office - Season 2 - Review

Season 2 of The Office is probably one of the most alluring sets of episodes among all. The season witnesses several ups and downs, with the major plant revolving around the downsizing of the branch. A bunch of new characters bring an air of freshness in some episodes.

Michael, Jim, Dwight, and Pam go through an extensive character development that is more acceptable and flashy as compared to the first season. This also justifies their genius acting abilities and how every actor rightly fits in their character. Season 2 of The Office was a major success and led the TV show towards critical acclaim, and rightly so.

Dwight and Jim keep sabotaging each other, which is consistent throughout the series, Jim and Pam fight their feelings for each other, and Micheal still struggles to prove his coolness. 

“The Dundee’s” (episode no. 1), “Office Olympics” (episode no. 3), “The Fire” (episode no. 4), and “Booze Cruise” (episode no. 11) are some of the most notable episodes of this season that also air a few memorable moments harbored by fans to date.

If this rewriting of characters was anointed at the start of season 1, the series would have garnered more attention and a larger fan base. Unlike season 1 that wrapped up its anecdote just with 6 episodes, season 2 is a lengthier version that has juicer tales and more meat to it.

Also, this season’s character development makes you start adoring Michael for his goofiness and warmth, unlike season 1 where he is blatantly sluggish. His faint mind still leads him into some uncomfortable situations that makes you question his terrific skills as a salesman.

The plot also focuses on Jim and Pam’s will-they-won’t-they romantic occurrences. Dwight comes across as an efficient salesman who is here to win with his obnoxious wackiness and nerdy attitude.

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