The Office - Season 4 - Review

The Office - Season 4

The Office - Season 4 - Review

Okay so, the fourth season of The Office has a lot going on. Jim and Pam are finally together, Karen is moved to another branch, Michael and Jan live together, and Ryan becomes everyone’s boss (thanks to Michael). You can already imagine the chasm this season brings.

However, some things remain the same, which is for the best. The characters keep giving weird and ambiguous glances in the camera, and Jim and Dwight stay the same blood-sucking prankster cube-mates. A round of applause for the writers who kept Jim and Pam’s love story interesting, unlike other sitcoms that tune down the romance after getting together.

The iconic line of this show, “That’s what she said” is perfectly timed in a few commendable episodes. Special mentions to episodes “Local Ad” and “The Deposition”, which are true gems in the show’s archives. Steve Carell’s acting abilities are extremely profound. It is hard to absorb the fact that he did not receive an Emmy Award over the years.

Over the season, Andy develops feelings for Angela, which is not entirely explored in the main plot. Given that Andy is one of the regular characters from this season, he hasn’t been in the limelight and left dormant for most of the episodes.

Even though most of the scenes and episodes are typically relatable, there are some instances which seem overdone, such as “Branch Wars” (episode no. 10). Since all episodes are written by different writers, you cannot expect them to completely align with each other. While character portrayal is consistent through the seasons and overall series, circumstantial discrepancies might occur, which can alter a viewer’s perception.

Apart from this negligible negative impression, Season 4 of The Office still passes in terms of entertainment, quality, substance, and character development; plausibly adding it to the top seasons of the show.

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