The Office - Season 5 - Review

The Office - Season 5

The Office - Season 5 - Review

Season 5 of The Office seems like a desperate attempt of the writers trying to keep the stature of the show but failing to do so.

The entire season shows, supposedly to be together, couples romancing and steadily climbing rungs on the ladder of their personal relationships. Dwight and Angela have a sexual relationship amidst the discrepancy while Andy is brusquely planning his wedding with Angela.

This love triangle is trifling and keeps you hooked throughout the scenes. Micheal and Holly Flax (the new HR manager) hit it off and he tries his best to impress her. They get into a relationship and honesty, she’s the ideal companion for Micheal’s personality.

The writers got this right. She is sensitive, goofy, and cares about Micheal as much as he does. Fans were tremendously content to finally see Micheal happy with an equally awkward but adorable better-half.

Meanwhile, Jim and Pam are spending some time apart as Pam lives her dream of being an artist and visits art school in New York. The plot, however, gradually extinguishes (maybe fans were too upset) and they eventually reunite.

Writers seem to have focused on the character development of Dwight. Season 5 can be majorly attributed to the huge fan-following of Dwight Schrute and Rainn Wilson collectively. Caught in this painstakingly awkward love triangle, viewers get to see a soft side of Dwight and how he can be emotionally available too.

In addition, this bunch of episodes has a lot of happy moments. Scranton Branch holds an impressive record and David Wallace, the CFO of Dunder Mifflin invites Micheal to lecture other branches, which raises plentiful kooky scenes.

Collectively, season 5 of The Office is still believable in terms of day-to-day and weekly office idiosyncrasies. You can look forward to an elevation of emotions with each character which seem to lack in the previous episodes.

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