The Office - Season 3 - Review

The Office - Season 3

The Office - Season 3 - Review

Season 3 is well-written in terms of substance provided in each episode but lacks in lustre when compared to season 2. Season 2 got fans extremely excited about more ground in season 3 and heightened expectations by a large margin. Even though these expectations aren’t fully met, you can still fetch a few remarkable moments in some episodes.

While viewers were already battling with Jim and Pam’s on and off romance, writers in Season 3 decided to sideline their relationship for a while by sending Jim to work in a different location. He develops a relationship with his new colleague, Karen (played by Rashida Jones) and Andy (Ed Helmes).

Karen and Andy move to Scranton and carve a way to new stories and experiences in daily office operations, with Jim and Karen being the new item of the course. However, the relationship doesn’t last long as Jim’s heart still longs for Pam. Andy and Dwight fight to become the boss’s favorite and get into level-headed tiffs.

Meanwhile, Michael and his boss, Jan (played by Melora Hardin) are entering an appalling relationship that is wrong at so many levels. Jan is dysfunctional and forces Micheal to engage in a no-strings attached, sexual relationship.

Micheal cannot reel from the situation and it gets difficult for him to contain his excitement. It’s difficult for him to keep a secret and ends up blabbering.

While the introduction of new characters was despised by a few fans, I felt that it was necessary to give the show a new dimension. It not only developed the characters further, but also majorly impacted the future of the characters.

On the contrary, the dialogues and subjects are still layered and relevant, which doesn’t suck out the entertainment quota. Even though a few episodes are boring, you cannot help but hold on to the good ones.

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