Vikings - Season 1 - Review

Vikings - Season 1

Vikings - Season 1 - Review

The first season of Vikings is actually very interesting. If you will try and not be annoyed by some of the misleading historical information, then you will find this season very entertaining to watch. It’s definitely more real than Game of Thrones and still teaches us a bit about the cultures and traditions of the Vikings along with some details about the things they were good at, like building boats.

It starts off focusing on a Family of the Vikings and their dreamy, ambitious father. Travis Fimmel who plays Ragnar Lothbroke, the star of the show who has played, in my humble opinion, the role of his life in this series. He is a man with few words and lots of dreams and actions. You would know what he’s thinking of just by the look in his eyes.

His wife, Lagertha, played by the incredible Katheryn Winnick who is a great famous warrior like her husband. Ragnar’s brother, Rollo, played by Clive Standen, who is also a very famous warrior, one of the strongest in a battlefield and who supports his brother, but their relationship is a little complicated. And their best friend, Floki, played by an actual Viking, Gustaf Skarsgård, the Norwegian actor, who is a spiritual, spooky, crazy, genius boat builder.

Ragnar’s dream is to travel the world and discover new lands. The story starts with him trying to sail south and even though everyone tells him that this is a crazy idea and there isn’t south to go to, Ragnar believes otherwise and convinces his brother and a few of his friends to follow his vision and provide him with support. Unfortunately, his leader and king oppose Ragnar and decides, along with his manipulative wife, not to support Ragnar’s irrational ambitions. 

But Ragnar is not going to give up on his dream and desire to discover new lands. He finds a tool that would help him find out where south is when sailing and approaches Floki, the boat builder, to build ships strong enough to survive this impossible mission.

They take a few men and friends along to support them in their quest and they actually do it! They sail south, and against all odds, they actually find land, England. Where they attack a monastery viciously, but Ragnar decides to keep a slave monk instead of killing all of them.

They keep showing us that he is more special, sympathetic, and wise. The monk, Athelstan, played by George Blagden, who shows nothing but the morals of a real brave monk during the season even when they try to make him blend in and get closer to the Pegan Gods.

I would love to talk about the violence, fights, and slaying that happen in the series but it will probably fail to explain how brutal but thrilling the scenes are. It’s exactly how you would imagine the Vikings fighting would be but even better. This season is full of victories, emotions, drama, and action, you would absolutely feel like you want to see more of the Vikings when it’s over.

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