Vikings - Season 4 - Review

Vikings - Season 4

Vikings - Season 4 - Review

This season feels like they want to show us how when a great person comes to an end or a great Era comes to an end it loses its characteristics. It’s soul, there’s a lot going on with many details but at a slow pace and it’s just not as interesting or exciting as the last three seasons.

I think from peak to a very low paced momentum of the show wasn’t very smart. But this season is going to take you longer to watch, there’s something depressing about it.

Don’t get me wrong, the fight scenes are still great, perfectly done, very talented choreographers, and Ragnar and Lagertha and the rest of the Vikings show the usual strength throughout the fight scenes. But everyone is lost, the writers, the actors, the scenes and incidents.

They lost fights, they lost their motives, and their belief in Ragnar. He lost belief in himself. I think the creators of the show did not have a choice but to become lost. I think this reflects history perfectly. Strong men create great times, great times create weak men, weak men create hard times.

The season starts off with Ragnar becoming an opium addict because he falls in love with the Asian slave that tells him this is Medicine and things become so boring that I will kill myself. Rollo goes back to his old self, betrays Ragnar again, and starts making way and plans for the destruction of the Vikings.

In hopes to discover himself, he gets deep inside and finally reveals his true feelings towards his now not so strong brother. Ragnar struggles with losing to Paris and losing the faith of the men around him so this season is more focused on secondary characters and Bjorn Ragnar’s son who aims to follow his dad’s league and decides to lead men himself and discover the Mediterranean Sea.

Ragnar’s other kids have different thoughts about their absent father but great love and respect for the man they heard about. Lagertha is all lesbian now which is super interesting since she can’t have kids anymore and keeps losing children and husbands. Kattegat is somehow stable with Ragnar’s disappearance after his loss.

The season goes for 20 episodes, so Ragnar comes back and is depressed and desperate for men to help him go back to England and fight for his long-lost Farming lands in Wessex but fails. He loses faith and questions his very own existence. We get to see this legend at his worst. This season will definitely leave you feeling bad.

The acting is great, the plot is ok, and the fighting scenes are still as outstanding as you expect them to be. However, the drama and storyline are pretty devastating for the story of the Vikings and for the show.

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