Vikings - Season 5 - Review

Vikings - Season 5

Vikings - Season 5 - Review

I hate this season. Ragnar is gone and Lagertha is gone but when she comes back, she is all crazy. Bjorn turns into a bad, aimless version of Ragnar, and the kings you get introduced to are very interesting but not as much as the Vikings. It’s like the show is all about any other story but historic events or very little historic events.

I think this is the end of Vikings. Writers did not know what to add to the story and the characters are very good but they are not as strong as the first four seasons of the show.

Yet, it’s not so bad. The season ends with a great uplift to the overall dark storyline and the season’s finale is great. However, the rest of the episodes are pointless. Floki tries to take a few men and go to this land that he discovered when his beloved wife gets killed.

He takes a few men with him, but they all get really disappointed throughout their stay there. It’s just weird, frustrating and boring! Lagertha becomes the queen of Kattegat in attempts to save the throne that belongs to Ragnar’s eldest son Bjorin who is not interested in ruling.

Brothers lost, fighting with each other, losing lands and gaining enemies all over the world. Ivar is the most complicated character of all of them and is the star of this season. This guy is a good actor and his storyline picks up, but his no Ragnar, and he shows a picture of the Vikings that will make you lose your passion towards them and the respect you gained for them throughout the previous seasons.

He thinks he is a God in this season and becomes one of the most sedate, selfish, fascist leaders known in history. He gets married to this crazy woman who keeps encouraging his inner beast to do worse things but then betrays him when he kills their son and suddenly sees all the evil.

I don’t know if they missed the part where we saw that she was pregnant with someone else’s son! Anyway, he doesn’t seem to discover that she’s unfaithful until she cooperates with Bjorn.

Lagertha, on the other hand, falls in love with a Christian man who is very boring. His character is just uninteresting even though it was written beautifully. And she becomes lost and weak and pathetic, that actually, it’s very sad to see.

The season ends with Bjorn winning the fight against Ivor, but Ivor gets to escape, run away, leaving us with one piece of information that the war between brothers isn’t over. I think Ragnar’s children are all great actors and I know that the storyline is pretty interesting but I am one of those fans who think that the show fell apart with the death of Ragnar. I don’t think this is the best the writers, creators, and actors of the show could do.

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