Vikings - Season 2 - Review

Vikings - Season 2

Vikings - Season 2 - Review

This season is so much better than the first one. It’s more violent but richer in detail and historical stories that are displayed in a really entertaining way. If you liked the first season, then you will definitely enjoy the second one even more.

They jump in time smoothly without leaving details from the first season behind but focus more on Ragnar and the Vikings. This season will make you feel like you know this time, you have lived in this Era, it even made me start believing in their Gods and their powers.

The best thing about it is that it leaves you with this real dilemma that I think everyone goes through as they look into historical events. You don’t know whether they’re good people, fighting for a cause, for the survivor or their cultures, traditions, and beliefs like the natural instinct human beings have or were they violent barbarians passing through different cultures and religions trying to win conquests and invade their lands.

They even go back to England, but this time to Wessex, with more violent, entertaining battles. The action is just catchy and awesome in this show. The cuts, the slow-motion clips, and the dilemmas they move into will just fill you up with adrenaline and make it harder for you to keep your eyes off of the TV screen.

You start realizing that the cast in this series is very well picked, they worked really hard to get into these very well written characters and how they’re built. The plot is just amazing too, everybody is wise, clear, and specific. There isn’t any vagueness or details unrevealed. You start falling in love with Ragnar and understand the complexity and consequences that shape him as half myth, a half-real character from this time.

They also introduce some very interesting characters to the stories, kings, armies, and people, as well as introducing their beliefs and cultures too. They get rid of a few characters in beautifully written twists and ending to their characters in the show as the king of Wessex.

There is also the complicated relationships between Ragnar and his men. Those who promised to follow his lead and his beliefs to go to Britain, now start to change or show the real them as jealous and greedy Vikings. Floki’s character is my favorite in this show, as a Norseman.

We start seeing Floki getting so angry with Ragnar’s actions and start to slowly let his frustration with his friend lead to his betrayal. There are great plot twists to the events of the show.

We also see his brother, Rollo, betraying him out of jealousy and attention-seeking intentions which is a very real twist in my opinion and adds great drama to the show. I think it’s fair to say this season is pretty interesting but not the best yet.

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