Vikings - Season 3 - Review

Vikings - Season 3

Vikings - Season 3 - Review

This is by far the best season this show has produced. This is when the story gets finally to its peak. This season will just blow your mind with how much better this crew gets and the amount of work they put in the scripts, the fighting scenes, and the twists of the overall drama.

King Ecbert, king of Wessex, promises Ragnar and Lagertha (his former wife) that they can start building their own place in England. So, they go to Kattegat and convince a few of the Norsemen to go Farm in Britain and find new homes in good lands that Ragnar has discovered South.

The season starts on a positive, winning and peaceful incident and ends on with an emotional, exciting and thrilling way that you will not be able to wait to start watching season four.

This show keeps proving that it is so much better than The Game of Thrones, you will not even believe it. The fantasy is written in a better way, the magic, the Gods, and the complex fights and disagreements between religions develop in this season in a really interesting way.

The mix between real historic events and myth is so smooth, you will feel like you can’t stay away from them this season. The plot keeps getting better and better, even with the secondary characters. Ragnar’s son, Bjorn, has a bigger presence and more effective scenes and plot lines this season.

He really shines and does the son’s role with outstanding comfort and ease. Lagertha is as sexy as she could ever be, fighting, farming, leading people, and being the backbone of Ragnar’s family and sanity even though their relationship hasn’t been the best as displayed in a very sense-making way.

This season, Floki goes a little crazy and is very angry with Ragnar and the Gods by the end of the season which is super realistic for his character. Athelstane also discovers his purpose and his true religious beliefs and plays a great, very important role this season as well.

And Rollo really shines as a warrior in this season, and his relationship with Bjorn and Lagertha gets a little complicated in a vague way. They get rid of a few characters and add a few very interesting ones. The deal with the British gives Ragnar a push to discover newer lands.

The Vikings, this season, head to Paris and have a battle that is so great that it lasts for three episodes; and believe me you will want more. The cuts, the direction, and the plot is just so exciting, it will keep you at your toes the whole time watching.

Even though they leave out little details about Kattegat and its current situation and future. I think it just shows how uninterested Ragnar is in ruling and how he is always an explorer deep inside. This season builds great momentum for the show and the amount of effort and work put into it makes it stand out. You will not be able to wait to watch the fourth season.

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