Grey’s Anatomy Season Fifteen- 2019 - Review

Grey’s Anatomy Season Fifteen- 2019

Grey’s Anatomy Season Fifteen- 2019 - Review

Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy premiered in September 2018, and ended in May 2019 featuring 25 episodes this year, one more than usual. Last season ended on a cheerful ending as well as some goodbyes from some cast members. With April and Arizona gone, and Jo and Alex married, and a bunch of new interns introduced, the show once again is heading towards a new trajectory.

This season starts with Meredith in another love triangle as new doctor, Atticus Lincoln shows up and tries to ask her out, but she is ultimately “wooed” by Andrew DeLuca. With a 10-year difference, the show truly promotes the idea that age does not matter as they do not make a mention of it. 

After Bailey suffers a heart attack in the previous season, she appoints Alex Karev as an interim chief who does a good job at it. In general, we see that Alex has again matured as his mother finally visits and is able to stand by Jo while she slips into depression. This storyline was interesting as we finally know even more about Jo’s past and who her mother really is. 

And again, another love interest of Richard Webber is ill. This time Catherine Fox discovers she has a tumor on her spine and asks only for the best to remove it. Although not fully removed, she goes to several chemo sessions. Despite the fact that it was interesting to see what the mighty Catherine Fox would do as a patient, the performance fell short and the storyline was already repeated twice. With Ellis Grey and Adele Webber having Alzheimer’s, this was the same storyline of one of Webber’s love interests/wives having a life-threatening illness.

One of the storylines that were brought under fire was that one of the interns is shown to be wearing a headscarf as she is Muslim, so as to incorporate diversity. However, the actress herself is not a practicing Muslim per se as she states, nor does she regularly wear a headscarf.

Although diversifying has always been a part of Grey’s Anatomy narrative, they constantly get actors who play the part rather than actually being Muslim or part of the LGBTQ community in real life. They may be talented actors, but promoting diversity needs to come from within rather than having an actress merely wear a headscarf. 

Grey’s Anatomy is not what it once used to be. Although it used to be a riveting and intriguing show, it is now full of plotlines that are not fully thought through and are not that interesting. Many fans are now watching the show only because they watched the first 13 seasons and need a sense of closure, not because the show is as good as it once used to be. Overall this season gets a rating of 5.5/10.

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