Grey’s Anatomy Season Sixteen- 2020 - Review

Grey’s Anatomy Season Sixteen- 2020

Grey’s Anatomy Season Sixteen- 2020 - Review

Season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy premiered in September 2019 and ended in April 2020, featuring only 21 episodes this year. The previous season saw a surprising ending when DeLuca went to prison for Meredith as she had committed insurance fraud, by writing down her own daughter’s name instead of the patient at hand.

Meredith however decided that she would take the fall for her own actions, and whilst Richard and Alex wanted to support Meredith, they too got fired. 

One of the important scenes this season had was when Meredith’s daughter, Zola, was about to go into surgery the day of her hearing, yet Meredith decided to stay by her daughter’s side. In light of that action, the consequence was that she was sent to prison, and had to do community service.

Considering the fact that she went to prison, as dark as Grey’s Anatomy used to get, her going to prison did not really get dark at all. On the contrary, her time there was spent mainly making excuses to leave or consulting her prison-mates on doctor-related issues. This took fans by surprise as going to prison is a much bigger deal than what was shown. 

One storyline that was completely unnecessary, was that since Alex and Richard got fired, they worked hard to try and turn that hospital around. Although they were succeeding, Catherine Fox swoops in and purchases that hospital, sending Richard back to Grey Sloan.

It would have at least been more interesting if they were able to merge the two hospitals after turning it around instead of completely abandoning that storyline. 

The biggest and most concerning storylines of this season are Alex Karev’s exit from the show. Of all the exits, this must be the absolute worst one. After Catherine purchases the hospital, Alex is nowhere to be found, even though Jo keeps saying he is visiting his mother, she calls her and tells her Alex was never there.

Without a call or showing up or anything at all, he sends letters to Meredith, Jo, Richard, and Bailey told them that he had to leave because Izzie had his babies and was raising them! Apparently, after freezing the embryos of her and Alex back in season 5, and leaving in season 6, she decided to get pregnant using those embryos and raising those children without telling Alex.

There are no goodbyes, he does not show up, they do not even show Izzie’s face, nor the “reunited couple” together. It has got to be one of the worst endings to a major character ever seen.

Alex had been around for 15 and a half seasons, and he does not even show up to formally apologize to the other characters. This decision was based on the premise that if he had gone to apologize, he would have never left. This seemed like a terrible excuse, especially that Katherine Heigl (Izzie) did not make an appearance either. 

The show casually moves on and shows Richard hallucinating and suffering from an infection, only to recover by the end of the season. In general, this is the worst season to date, with storylines unfinished, scriptwriting that was extremely tedious, and zero outstanding performances. This season, at its best, was average, but generally was not worth the watch, it gets a rating of 4.5/10.

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