Grey’s Anatomy Season Three (2007) - Review

Grey’s Anatomy Season Three (2007)

Grey’s Anatomy Season Three (2007) - Review

With an extremely dramatic end to the previous season, season three begins on a little bit of a higher note. This season, we see more and more themes, but one theme that seems to pop up more than ever is infidelity.

Season three begins with Derek and Meredith having intercourse in the hospital, and Addison, his wife, finds Meredith’s undergarments in Derek’s suit jacket. She decides to take it and post it on the lost and found board in the hospital.

When Derek finds out that Addison knew he cheated on her, he decides to go apologize, only to find her in bed with Mark, his ex-best friend. As usual, lots of drama, but with a humorous tone from Shonda Rhimes, Grey’s Anatomy writer and director. Even though off the bat, the show starts with a sensitive topic, it is taken quite lightly, which is very unlike how previous themes were shown. 

Although there were no extreme nerve wrecking episodes like the one with the bomb in the previous season, season three still had its fare share of deep dark plotlines. One of the biggest ones was that Denny Duquette had just died end of season two, we see in season three, that Izzie is not recovering well from that.

By the end of season two, the audience discovers that Denny Duquette was extremely wealthy, and his parents gave Izzie a check, which she took to give to Dr. Bailey to build her free clinic. That clinic was named after Denny as the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic. 

Another plotline that was difficult to process was when the ferry boat crashed, Meredith was going to drown, and Alex found a girl whose body was crushed in the accident. Meredith was found by Derek and recovered, but Alex begins to fall in love with Jane Doe and has more issues with her that it seemed to remind him of his relationship with his own mother. 

One actor that the audience begins to really see his acting skills, is Justin Chambers, who plays Alex “Evil Spawn” Karev. In this season he is shown to be extremely caring and even charming at times. We also see, through Chamber’s fantastic portrayal, the difficulties that Karev had to put up with his entire life. 

The more Grey’s Anatomy moves away from 2005, the better the quality of the cinematography and editing gets. This season, of all three, has the best sound editing and filming, but is definitely not the most interesting season. For overall acting, editing, and plot, this season is rated an 8 out of 10.

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