The Flash - Season Five - Review

The Flash - Season Five

The Flash - Season Five - Review

The Flash season five aired in October of 2018 and ended in May of 2019, with 22 episodes, one less than the usual. Last season ended with the Team ridding the world of “The Thinker” who like many of the villains who come before, wants to destroy the world for some reason or another. Also, a pivotal character for season 5 shows up and introduces herself as Barry and Iris’ daughter. 

This season has an entire whirlwind of villains, and, of course, we both have a new Wells and the old Eobard Thawne. Greg Berlanti just can’t get rid of Tom Cavanaugh – or any of the old villains.

The storyline is completely milked and even though it has a twist, it isn’t a fully planned thought and has many plot holes. This season sports a French Sherlock Holmes called Sherloque Wells – which in itself is just wrong.

Cavanaugh comes on as a detective who figures out that Nora, Barry, and Iris’ daughter were working with Eobard Thawne to help save her father. To make matters worse, Cavanaugh talks with a bad French accent and doesn’t seem like he is putting any sort of effort at all into it.

Although there are several storylines this season and one miserable villain, it is difficult not to focus on all the things that are just wrong with this season.

One issue fans noticed this season too is that apparently Iris West is now a scientific genius! She gets more ideas than those with PhDs even though only a season ago she was still asking Caitlin and Cisco to “speak English”.

In earlier seasons she really did not have much of a role than to “be there” for Barry, but now that the show is heading towards a politically correct trajectory and empowering women – which the latter is definitely a good step – such themes should have been taken in steps rather than jumping to the fact that she’s incredibly intelligent, independent, and can lead Team Flash. 

Although the show cannot be deemed as “unwatchable”, the series has definitely worsened since the first two seasons. The creators are only making more shows and not much thought is really put into this one.

The storylines are repetitive, and even if the storylines were originally excellent, which they were not, it would still not be interesting. Generally, the writing in this season is a little better than last season’s, but unfortunately not by a lot.

The editing got even worse as well as some scenes look like they’re from the first stages of CGI editing. Even old cast members acting like Candice Patton’s is just getting a little aggravating as many fans have argued. This season gets a rating of 5.5/10.

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