The Flash - Season Two - Review

The Flash - Season Two

The Flash - Season Two - Review

The Flash season two premiered in October of 2015, and ended in May of 2016, with 23 episodes. Last season on The Flash, the audience got a glimpse into what Barry Allen, aka The Flash, can possibly do.

The season ended with Barry finding out that the man who killed his mother was Dr. Harry Wells (Reverse Flash), once tutor now his arch-nemesis, and finally defeating him in battle. Harry Wells as it turned out, was in fact Eobard Thawne, who was in Eddie Thawne (Iris’ boyfriend and her father’s partner) family tree.

He realized that if he kills himself, Eobard will no longer come to be. Although the threat of Eobard Thawne or Reverse Flash is gone in the meantime, a black hole is still looming over Central City threatening everyone’s lives in the area. 

Season two starts about 6 months after the singularity was stopped and Barry Allen blames himself for everything that has happened as he usually does. Followed by a few motivational speeches here and there, Barry decides to take action and beat the rest of the metahumans.

He meets a man who claims to be Jay Garrick from Earth 2 and helps him to try and defeat Zoom, this season’s main villain. They go to Earth 2 and there they meet the real Harrison Wells who Barry does not trust as he looks exactly like the man who murdered his mother. They find out later that Jay Garrick is in fact Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom, the man they have been hunting down this entire season.

One issue that this season faces is that every time they happen to have an issue, they create a portal and send it to Earth 2 as if that will solve all their problems. They let Earth 2 deal with Grodd and deal with the Trickster’s bombs, and many characters from Earth 2 come to Earth 1 to save the team.

Another issue is that many of the characters that had a purpose in season 1 seem to have no use in the second season. Caitlin barely says anything of any importance except to play the role of a side character for Hunter Zolomon. Henry Allen, as soon as he gets in Barry’s life, decides to leave. 

Overall, the acting was pretty much the same, except for some overacting from the new characters. Also, even though Eobard Thawne only used Harrison Wells’ body as a vessel, he seems to have the same exact mannerisms as Harrison Wells from Earth 2.

The storylines were not as good as previous seasons, and even the editing was worse, especially when there were parts slowed down to see The Flash and Zoom fighting. Overall this season gets a rating of 7/10.

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