The Flash - Season Four - Review

The Flash - Season Four

The Flash - Season Four - Review

The Flash season four premiered in October of 2017, and ended in May of 2018, sporting the usual 23 episodes. Season three ends with Savitar, who was meant to kill Iris, killing H.R. Wells who has transformed himself into Iris.

That was a bit odd for viewers as Savitar was extremely powerful and was always at least one step ahead of them, but surprisingly got tricked by a basic transformation! At least Iris isn’t dead, and practically, neither is Harrison Wells because of course, they returned Tom Cavanaugh as Wells from Earth 2, who was also around in season 2. To save Earth, again, from being torn into a million little pieces, Barry has to sacrifice himself and go into the Speed Force prison. 

Of course, The Flash is not dead. Season four sees Barry Allen back from the Speed Force, through a portal full of dark matter. Though he is not the Barry that left – this one comes out with his mind lost and his mouth speaking gibberish.

Of course, because everything needs to be solved last minute in the Flash, while Iris was being attacked by a robot samurai, Barry Allen’s mind returns when he hears that she is in trouble. Clearly this is a show about superheroes and villains, but can it get any more cliché? 

Cut to the main villain of this season – since it needs to follow the pattern of one seemingly impossible to beat the villain and some smaller ones scattered here and there throughout the season.

Finally, with this season there isn’t the usual supervillain with the big reveal – instead, he’s a supervillain with “the fast mind alive” – some corny wordplay there.

An entire bus is hit with a dark matter which came out of the portal that brought Barry back, and “The Thinker” is using them to his advantage to try and break Barry and his team. A new hero and member of Team Flash is introduced, Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man – although meant to be quirky in his nature, the actor who plays him, Hartley Sawyer, is just outright awkward.

They eventually beat him, because that’s what Team Flash does – pretty much nothing and let luck save them. Yet, one thing is not yet explained – what was the gibberish that Barry was speaking? The season ends and we still do not know, yet we still might find out in later seasons. 

The show at this point is getting worse by each passing season. The first season was an absolute treat, but it seems that every time the creators decide to make a new show, they focus less and less on the ones they already have.

The new actors they bring in each season are as though they are low-budget actors and have no real skill or talent. This season gets an overall rating of 5.5/10.

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